Gym Project

This is a gym project on Alzheimer’s that Taylor and I made.  Click the link to view! Hope you enjoy!   alzheimrers

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Goodbye for now

This semester in digital story telling I have learned a lot.  I have learned how to site my sources correctly, I have learned how to blog, I have learned how to use computer programs that I didn’t know about before I started this class.  One computer program that I learned how to use is qr code readers and creators.  There are 2 more classes until this class is over, then I go to a class called project adventure.  In project adventure we go a lot of different activates and learn how to work with one another.  I will use this blog later on this year in Social Studies, Gym, and English. I think that blogging has made me realize how much I have in common with lots of students in other places of the world.  I enjoyed writing about my dream job.  It helped me to see what I really want to in life and what my life will consist of when I’m older and start looking for jobs.  I like how in this class we got involved with the school.  For example we got to make the video that the whole school watches on the first day.  The first semester has gone by super fast.  I can’t wait for the second semester.  I am nervous for high school but excited.  I cant wait to blog again in the 2nd semester.  Goodbye for now!



My Dream Job

My dream job


Hair Salon

My dream job is to be a hairdresser. Being a hairdresser is my dream job because I enjoy doing hair and I think that I’m pretty good at it. To be hairdresser you have to keep work stations clean and sanitize tools such as scissors and combs.  Know how to Cut, trim and shape hair or hairpieces, based on customers’ instructions, hair type and facial features, using clippers, scissors, trimmers and razors.  Analyze patrons’ hair and other physical features to determine and recommend beauty treatment or suggest hair styles. You need to be able to Schedule client appointments, Bleach, dye, or tint hair, using applicator or brush, Update and maintain customer information records, such as beauty services provided. Shampoo, rinse, condition and dry hair and scalp or hairpieces with water, liquid soap, or other solutions.  You also need to operate cash registers to receive payments from patrons.  Demonstrate and sell hair care products and cosmetics. Develop new hairstyles and techniques.   I think that I could pursue my dreams of being a hairdresser because my mom is a hairdresser and she could help me and I would try very hard in school. Being a hairdresser has been my dream job forever. When I was little, just like all other little kids they want to be “just like mommy” I have always since I was little I have wanted to be a hairdresser.

I have recently done some research on being a hairdresser and I found out a lot of information.  I found out that the salary varies depending on where you work and what your hours are.  If you work somewhere where people are going to give you good tips you will make a good salary.  Like for example, Newbury Street in Boston.  One of the hair salons is called Camille Albane Paris.  The prices at this salon are very high but the employees have a good salary and it is worth the amount of money because they are good at hair.  You have to go to Cosmetology school before you can become a hairdresser at a salon.  Once you graduate you need to apply at salons.  When you get a job you have to start building up clients.  Once you get clients then you start getting paid well because your clients will tip you.  A client is a person that goes to you every time they get their hair done.

My quiz results-

Your career personality type is The Stabilizer. You like order, and are purpose-minded. You also favor traditional practices. You also prefer to engage internally and are very thoughtful. A work environment where you can work quietly and gather information before making a decision is best for you.

I think that in some ways the results support my dream job.  I think that I would want to be more relaxed with a job like a hairdresser.  I would want to be more relaxed because doing hair is fun and a hair salon is a dun environment because you’re with your colleagues and your clients.

Last post

I have written 12 blog posts.  All of my posts are school related because they where all assigned by my teacher.  I have received 2 comments on my blog page.  1 from a teacher and 1 from a student.  I enjoyed writing about 5 places to visit in Massachusetts because I knew the most about it and I learned something about where I’m from.  I have 3 widgets.  They are archives, recent posts, and categories.  I am not sure if the people on my blog roll are from over seas because it doesn’t say where they are from on their blog page.

 My friend Taylor went o my blog and said that her 1st impression is that she likes the theme and it Is very organized.  She said that the flowers on my heading captured her attention.  She was not distracted by any thing on my blog .  Taylor said that I should add some more popping colors to my page.


Nominating blogs

I am nominating Lucy’s blog.  I like this blog because it is interesting but there is not too much going on.  There are cool pictures and links.  I like the theme of her blog.  Her blog is very organized too.  When I was going through all of her posts I could see very clearly all of thee topics of her blog posts.   i learned a lot from reading this blog!  Vote for Lucy!

World Map


map world

There are so many places that want to go to.  Some of them are Singapore, Paris, New Zealand, Italy, Greece, and Venice.  I want to go to all of these places because of all of the pretty views.  I would want to go to all of the tourist attractions.  I like pretty views because it is so relaxing and I like taking pictures.  My dream is to travel the world.  I probably will not get to do that.  I’ve always wanted to go to places around the world and take pictures in front of main attractions.

I want to go on a trip with my friends.  I want to pick 3 places to go and spend a week in each place.  I think that traveling is really cool because you get to see what other people’s lives and cultures are like.  I want to go to Singapore because they have lots of zoos and animal parks.  I want to go to Paris because I want to see the Eiffel tower.  I want to go to New Zealand because I wan t to see the Bay of islands.  I want to go to Italy to the leaning tower of Pisa.  I want to go to Greece because I want to see the Ionian Islands because it is really pretty.  I want to go Venice because the Rialto Bridge would be cool to go to.


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What makes me look at Blogs

I think that a good blog needs pictures, lots of colors, and links.  When I go on someone’s blog I always look to see if there are pictures.  If there are no pictures then I leave that blog usually.  I like reading blogs that are interesting because I can learn something from them.  when blogs are interesting you want to read it and if you want to read it you can learn something from them.  also a blog should have bright colors because people are attracted to bright colors.  Also you should use links because if people go on your blog and they want to go to a website that you used and a like isn’t there then people cant find the website that you used and they wont look at your blog again.  I think that for a blog to be they should have pictures, lots of colors, and links.


I created a mini mind map on to illustrate how I connect with my Family, Friends, Strangers, and Teachers.connections chart


My family has been in the United States for so long.  I don’t know where my ancestors are from or how far back they are.  Both my mom’s parents and my dad’s parents are from Melrose MA.  My dad’s grandmother is from Wakefield MA.  My mom’s grandmother is from Andover MA.  I don’t know anyone from before that.  I need to do some more research on where my ancestors are from and where they immigrated from.  All i know is that I’m Canadian and Portuguese.  My dads Family is Canadian and my moms side is Portuguese.  Most of my family is from my surrounding towns. 



Portugal Flag